Pullman Transit Increasing Capacity
Contingency project on RMGP list. Replace one 1994 35-foot diesel coach with a new 40-foot electric hybrid. With this move, Pullman Transit will add 15 passengers per loop for six hours each day on an Express route providing service between off-campus housing and the WSU campus. At a time when parking lots are at capacity and buses are full, this project will reduce private vehicle travel by an estimated 34,128 trips annually.
 PIN#:  20170031
 DOT Region:  Headquarters
 Counties:  Whitman
 State Route:  000
 Leg Districts:  09
 Program / SubProgram:  
 Improvement Type:  
 Mile Posts: 0 to 0    
  Project Costs:
Phase From - To Prior 19-21 21-23 23-25 25-27 27-2929-31 Future Total
  Project Totals:  0 0 0 0 0 00 0 0