Emergency Relief Preservation
Address an emergency condition due to flooding, mudslides, rock fall, or other unforeseen events (such as culvert failures and slope failures due to saturated conditions) that has caused failure of the roadway and closure to traffic, or is in a state of condition that it is determined to be posing an imminent threat to the roadway in the event of a failure.
 PIN#:  0BP3001
 DOT Region:  Headquarters
 State Route:  000
 Location:  Statewide
 Leg Districts:  00
 Program / SubProgram:  Preservation
 Sub-Program:  Other Facilities
 Improvement Type:  
 Mile Posts: 0 to 0    
  Project Costs:
Phase From - To Prior 19-21 21-23 23-25 25-27 27-2929-31 Future Total
Preliminary Engineering Feb-15 - Sep-15 5,548,0002,251,00044,000000007,843,000
Right of Way Feb-15 - Aug-15 2,914,000276,0008,000000003,198,000
Construction Jul-15 - Apr-16 38,983,00012,607,0005,492,0000000057,082,000
  Project Totals:  47,445,000 15,134,000 5,544,000 0 0 00 0 68,123,000