SR 162/Orting Area - Construct Pedestrian Evacuation Crossing
This is a City of Orting lead project to construct a dedicated pedestrian evacuation route from Orting school campuses to a safe location on the Orting Plateau in the event of a Lahar. This $850,000 is the State's contribution from the 2005 Transportation Partnership Account.
 PIN#:  316218A   Project Page
 DOT Region:  Olympic
 Counties:  Pierce
 State Route:  162
 Location:  Orting   Locate Project
 Leg Districts:  02
 Program / SubProgram:  Improvement
 Sub-Program:  Safety
 Sub-Category:  Collision Prevention
 Improvement Type:  Pedestrian Risk
 Mile Posts: 9.2 to 9.3    
  Project Costs:
Phase From - To Prior 17-19 19-21 21-23 23-25 25-2727-29 Future Total
Preliminary Engineering Feb-06 - Jun-21 357,000247,000250,00000000854,000
  Project Totals:  357,000 247,000 250,000 0 0 00 0 854,000