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TEIS support staff is available on a limited basis to offer demonstrations or hands-on training. Please contact Bob Maxwell at (360) 705-7705 if your group is in need of training.

Training Documents
Two training sessions focusing on the Capital Projects System, and one session on Fund Balance have been conducted at WSDOT and LEAP. Outlines from those sessions are available here. Similarities and differences between the upgraded (.NET) version of Capital Projects vs. the VB6 version can be found here.

Capital Projects Introductory Level

  1. Versions (Selections, Criteria, Security, Favorites)
  2. Filtering (Panels, Toggle Buttons, Not-In Option, Sorting, Selected Filters
  3. Project Listing (Refreshing, Columns, Sorting, Phase/Fund Type Detail, Dollars in Thousands, Group by Columns, Printing, Web Links, Bookmarks, User Settings)
  4. Searching for Projects
  5. Group Summary
  6. Exporting to Excel
  7. BIN Masking
  8. Detail Screen (Tabs, Project List, Phase/Funding Grid, Switching Versions, Web Links, Detail Reports)
  9. Reports

Capital Projects Intermediate Level

  1. Editing Versions (Creating and Copying versions)
  2. Importing and Exporting projects
  3. Version Security
  4. Project Listing Edit Options (Copying Projects to a New or Existing version, Deleting Projects, Adding to Flexible Groups or BIN Lists)
  5. Ad Hoc Exports
  6. Flexible Group Maintenance
  7. How to use BIN Masking