Projects in the 2018 As Passed Legislature, LTC (3/12/2018)
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Concrete Rehabilitation Program (Nickel)
Eagle Harbor Maint Facility Preservation
I-405/I-90 to SE 8th St - Widening
I-405/Kirkland Vicinity Stage 2 - Widening (Nickel/TPA)
I-405/NE 8th St to SR 520 Braided Ramps - Interchange Improvements
I-405/SB Coal Creek Interchange - ITS Improvements
I-405/South Renton Vicinity Stage 2 - Widening (Nickel/TPA)
I-405/SR 167 Interchange - Direct Connector
I-405/SR 181 to SR 167 - Widening
I-5/196th St (SR 524) Interchange - Build Ramps
I-5/5th Ave NE to NE 92nd St - Noise Wall
I-5/Downtown Seattle - Expansion Joint Replacement
I-5/Express Lanes Enhancements
I-5/JBLM Corridor - Early Design
I-5/Mercer Street NB and SB Ramp Meter Systems
I-5/NB Seneca St to SR 520 - Mobility Improvements
I-5/SB N 145th St Vicinity - Variable Message Sign Installation
I-5/Ship Canal Bridge - Noise Mitigation Study
I-5/SR 161/SR 18 - Interchange Improvements
I-5/SR 161/SR 18 Interchange Improvements - Stage 2
I-5/SR 510 to SR 512 - Mobility Improvements
I-5/SR 525 Interchange Phase
I-5/Tacoma HOV Improvements (Nickel/TPA)
I-90/Snoqualmie Pass East - Hyak to Keechelus Dam - Corridor Improvement
I-90/SR 202 I/C to S Fork Snoqualmie River - Paving
I-90/WB Mercer Slough to W Lake Sammamish Parkway - Paving
SR 104/Hood Canal Bridge - Replace E Half
SR 109/Moclips River Bridge - Replace Bridge
SR 16/Rosedale St NW Vicinity - Frontage Road
SR 161/24th St E to Jovita - Add Lanes
SR 161/36th to Vicinity 24th St E - Widen to 5 lanes
SR 162/Orting Area - Construct Pedestrian Tunnel
SR 162/Puyallup River Bridge - Replace Bridge
SR 167/8th St E Vic to S 277th St Vic - Southbound Managed Lane
SR 167/Puyallup River Bridge - Bridge Replacement
SR 167/SR 509 to I-5 Stage One - New Freeway
SR 167/Tacoma to Puyallup - New Freeway
SR 18/Green River (Neely) Bridge - Painting
SR 18/Issaquah/Hobart Rd to Tigergate - Add Lanes
SR 18/Maple Valley to Issaquah/Hobart Rd - Add Lanes
SR 18/SR 99 Vic to Auburn Black Diamond Rd I/C - Paving
SR 18/Tigergate to I-90 - Add Lanes
SR 18/WB Ramps and SE 304th Street Intersection
SR 181/S 180th St to Southcenter Blvd - Paving
SR 3/Belfair Area - Widening and Safety Improvements
SR 3/SR 304 - Interchange Improvements
SR 302/Elgin Clifton Rd to SR 16 - Corridor Study
SR 302/Key Peninsula Highway to Purdy Vic - Safety and Congestion
SR 303/S of WM E Sutton Rd to Silverdale Way - Paving
SR 509/I-5 to Sea-Tac Freight and Congestion Relief
SR 509/S Normandy Rd Vic to S Normandy Rd Wye Connection - Paving
SR 509/SB S 160th St Vic to S 112th St Vic - Paving
SR 512/SR 7 to I-5 - Congestion Management
SR 516/Wax Rd to 185th Ave SE - Improvements
SR 518/SeaTac Airport to I-5 - Eastbound Widening
SR 522/I-5 to I-405 - Multimodal Improvements
SR 522/Snohomish River Bridge to US 2 - Add Lanes
SR 526/SR 525 to Boeing Access Rd Vic - Paving
SR 704/Cross Base Highway - New Alignment
SR 9/176th Street SE to SR 96 - Widening
SR 9/212th St SE to 176th St SE, Stage 3 - Add Lanes
SR 9/Marsh Road to 2nd Street Interchange - Widening
SR 9/SR 96 to Marsh Rd - Add Lanes and Improve Intersections
SR 99/Alaskan Way Viaduct - Replacement
SR 99/George Washington Bridge - Painting
SR 99/Spokane St Br to Alaskan Way Viaduct - Concrete Pavm't Rehab
SR 99/Spokane St Bridge - Replace Bridge Approach
SR 99/SR 525 Interchange Vic to Lincoln Way Vic - Paving
SR 99/Viaduct Project - Construction Mitigation
US 101/Hoh River (Site #2) - Stabilize Slopes
US 101/Lynch Road - Safety Improvements
US 2 High Priority Safety Project
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