Projects in the 2016 As Passed Legislature, LTC (3/10/2016)
US 2/Jct I-90 to Euclid Ave - Paving
US 2/Hayford Rd to I-90 - ITS
US 2/West of Wenatchee - Paving
US 2/East Wenatchee N - Access Control
US 2/Wenatchee River Bridge - Replace Bridge
US 2/Chiwaukum Creek - Replace Bridge
US 2/Leavenworth Vicinity - Paving
US 2/N Wenatchee - Easy Street Feasibility Study
US 2/Stevens Pass Summit - Pedestrian Safety
US2/Stevens Pass -- ITS Emergency Power
US 2/Stevens Pass - Variable Message Signs
US 2 High Priority Safety Project
US 2/Stevens Pass West - Unstable Slopes
US 2/43rd Ave SE Vic to 50th Ave SE Vic - Bridge Rehabilitation
US 2/Bickford Avenue - Intersection Safety Improvements
SR 3/SR 304 - Interchange Improvements
SR 3/Belfair Bypass - New Alignment
SR 3/Belfair Area - Widening and Safety Improvements
SR 4/Abernathy Creek Br - Replace Bridge
Expanded CVISN-automated Infrared Roadside Screening
I-5/JBLM Corridor - Early Design
I-5/SR 510 to SR 512 - Mobility Improvements
I-5/Smokey Point NB/SB Safety Rest Area - RV Sewage System Rehab
I-5/Marysville to Stillaguamish River - ITS
I-5/NB SR 531 Vic to Portage Creek Bridge Vic - Paving
I-5/Spokane Street Interchange Vicinity - Special Bridge Repair
I-5 Ramps Meters from Tukwila to Federal Way
Concrete Rehabilitation Program (Nickel)
I-5 Traveler Information and Incident Management
I-5/I-205 Bi-State Corridor Travel Time - Add Signing
I-5/SR 501 Ridgefield Interchange - Rebuild Interchange
I-5/E Fork Lewis River Bridge to Todd Road Vicinity - Paving
I-5/N Fork Lewis River Bridge to Todd Road Vicinity - Safety
I-5/NE 134th St Interchange (I-5/I-205) - Rebuild Interchange
I-5/SR 432 Talley Way Interchanges - Rebuild Interchanges
I-5/Chehalis River Flood Control
I-5/Mellen Street I/C to Grand Mound I/C - Add Lanes
I-5/Grand Mound to Maytown - Add Lanes and Replace Intersection
I-5/SR 525 Interchange Phase
I-5/196th St (SR 524) Interchange - Build Ramps
I-5/Trosper Road to Marvin Road - Signal Upgrade
I-5/SR 121 to N of Tumwater Blvd - Paving
I-5/Tacoma HOV Improvements (Nickel/TPA)
I-5/SR 161/SR 18 Interchange Improvements - Stage 2
I-5/SR 161/SR 18 - Interchange Improvements
I-5/SB N 145th St Vicinity - Variable Message Sign Installation
I-5/Express Lanes Enhancements
I-5/Express Lane Automation
I-5/NB Seneca St to SR 520 - Mobility Improvements
I-5/Downtown Seattle - Expansion Joint Replacement
I-5/SR 526 to Marine View Drive - Add HOV Lanes
I-5 SB 88th St Off Ramp Vicinity to SR 531 SB On Ramp Vicinity - Paving
I-5/172nd St NE (SR 531) Interchange - Rebuild Interchange
I-5/North Everett to SR 528 - ITS
I-5/SB SR 531 I/C Vic to SR 531 SB On Ramp - Paving
I-5 NB/Nulle Rd to Samish Highway Vic - NB Paving
I-5/Vic Lakeway Drive - Replace Sign Br
I-5/36th St Vicinity to SR 542 Vicinity - Ramp Reconstruction
I-5/ITS Advanced Traveler Information Systems
I-5/Nooksack River Bridges - Painting
I-5/NB Nooksack River to Blaine - Paving
I-5/Blaine Exit - Interchange Improvements
I-5/Mercer Street NB and SB Ramp Meter Systems
I-5/Boston St to E Shelby St - SB I-5, Westside - Noise Wall
I-5/Ship Canal Bridge - Noise Mitigation Study
I-5/5th Ave NE to NE 92nd St - Noise Wall
I-5/Columbia River Crossing/Vancouver - EIS
SR 6/Willapa River Br - Replace Bridge
SR 6/Rock Creek Br E - Replace Bridge
SR 6/Rock Creek Br W - Replace Bridge
SR 9/212th St SE to 176th St SE, Stage 3 - Add Lanes
SR 9/176th Street SE to SR 96 - Widening
SR 9/SR 96 to Marsh Rd - Add Lanes and Improve Intersections
SR 9/Pilchuck Creek - Replace Bridge
SR 9/Getchell Road Bridge - Seismic
SR 9/SR 531-172nd St NE - Intersection Improvements
SR 9/84th St NE (Getchell Road) Improve Intersection
SR 9/Nooksack Rd Vicinity to Cherry St - New Alignment
SR 9/Marsh Road to 2nd Street Interchange - Widening
SR 9/Lake Stevens Way to 20th St SE - Improve Intersection
SR 9/Lundeen Parkway to SR 92 - Add Lanes and Improve Intersections
SR 9/SR 528 - Improve Intersection
SR 11/I-5 Interchange-Josh Wilson Rd - Rebuild Interchange
SR 11/Chuckanut Park and Ride - Build Park and Ride
US 12/SR 128 Vicinity to Snake River Bridge - Paving
US 12/Rimrock Tunnel Vicinity - Stabilize Slope
US 12/Rimrock Lake Vicinity - Stabilize Slope
US 12/Tieton River W Crossing - Replace Bridge
US 12/Tieton River E Crossing - Replace Bridge
US 12/Indian Creek Vic to Wildcat Creek Bridge Vic - Paving
US 12/Tieton River Bridges to Naches - Chip Seal
US 12/Old Naches Highway - Build Interchange
US 12/Frenchtown Vicinity to Walla Walla - Add Lanes
US 12/SR 124 to McNary Pool - Add Lanes
US 12/Nine Mile Hill to Woodward Canyon Vic - Build New Highway
US 12/SR 124 Intersection - Build Interchange
US 12/Cameron St Vicinity to Dayton Ave Vicinity - Paving
US 12/E Pasco to Tank Farm Road - Paving
US 12/Turner Rd Vic to Messner Road Vic - Chip Seal
SR 14/Marble Rd Vicinity to Belle Center Rd - Safety Improvements
SR 14 Traveler Information, 164th Ave to NW 6th Ave
SR 14/Camas Washougal - Add Lanes and Build Interchange
SR 14/Traveler Information Enhancements Phase II
SR 16/Rosedale St NW Vicinity - Frontage Road
SR 16/I-5 to Tacoma Narrows Bridge - Add HOV Lanes
SR 17/Adams Co Line - Access Control
SR 18/Maple Valley to Issaquah/Hobart Rd - Add Lanes
SR 18/Issaquah/Hobart Rd to Tigergate - Add Lanes
SR 18/Tigergate to I-90 - Add Lanes
SR 18/SR 99 Vic to Auburn Black Diamond Rd I/C - Paving
SR 18/Green River (Neely) Bridge - Painting
SR 18/WB Ramps and SE 304th Street Intersection
SR 20/Libby Rd Vic to Sidney St Vic - Realignment and Widening
SR 20/Deception Pass Park Vic to Lunz Rd Vic - Paving
SR 20/Oak Harbor and SR 20 Spur to I-5 - Signal Integration
SR 20/Fredonia to I-5 - Add Lanes
SR 20/Winthrop VMS
SR 20/North Cascades Highway - Chip Seal
SR 20/Alta Vista Dr to SR 9 - Paving
SR 20/Sharpes Corner Vicinity - New Interchange
SR 21/Keller Ferry Boat - Replace Boat
SR 21/Vic. Malo to Kettle River - Paving
SR 21/1.1 Miles N of Rin Con Creek Rd to Canada - Paving
SR 22/I-82 to Toppenish - Safety Improvements
SR 24/I-82 to Keys Rd - Add Lanes
SR 28/East Wenatchee Area - Paving
SR 28/Jct US 2 and US 97 to 9th St, Stage 1 - New Alignment
SR 28/E Wenatchee to Rock Island - Pave
SR 28/E Wenatchee - Access Control
SR 28/E End of the George Sellar Bridge - Construct Bypass
SR 28/Wenatchee to I-90 - Study
I-82/Red Mountain Vicinity - Pre-Design Analysis
I-82/Valley Mall Blvd - Rebuild Interchange
I-82/South Union Gap I/C - Improvements
I-82/Terrace Heights Off-Ramp - Improvements
I-82/US 12 to Valley Mall Blvd Vic - Paving
I-82/Valley Mall Blvd Vic to Yakima River Bridge - Paving
I-82/US 12 Interchange to Yakima Ave - Add lanes and Replace Bridges
I-82/Badger Road Interchange - Chip Seal
I-82/Locust Grove Road Interchange - Chip Seal
I-90 and US 2 Variable Message Signs Replacement - ITS
I-90 CCTV Upgrades
I-90/Sullivan Rd East to Vic Idaho State Line - ITS
I-90/Spokane Port of Entry - Weigh Station Relocation
I-90/Spokane to Idaho State Line - Corridor Design
I-90/Sullivan Rd to Barker Rd - Additional Lanes
I-90/Sunset I/C Modifications - Modify Facility to Full Access I/C
I-90/SR 202 I/C to S Fork Snoqualmie River - Paving
I-90/Snoqualmie Pass East - Hyak to Keechelus Dam - Corridor Improvement
I-90/Snoqualmie Summit and Ryegrass - Traveler Information
I-90 Comprehensive Tolling Study and Environmental Review
I-90/Sprague Rest Area Traveler Information
I-90/Grant Co Line to SR 21 - Paving
I-90/Ellensburg Interchange - Feasibility Study
I-90/Snoqualmie Pass to Vantage - Install VMS and Traffic Cameras
I-90/WB Mercer Slough to W Lake Sammamish Parkway - Paving
US 97/Cameron Lake Road - Intersection Improvements
US 97/N of Riverside - NB passing Lane
US 97/N of Daroga State Park - Turn Lanes
US 97/North of Brewster - Passing Lane
US 97A/Wenatchee to South of Rocky Reach Dam - Paving
US 97A/0.5 Mile So of Rocky Reach Dam - Unstable Slope
US 97A/North of Wenatchee - Ohme Gardens Roundabout
US 97/Blewett Pass - Passing Lane
US 97/Satus Creek Vicinity - Paving
US 97/Satus Creek Vicinity - Safety Work
US 97/Satus Creek Bridge - Bridge Replacement
SR 99/Spokane St Bridge - Replace Bridge Approach
SR 99/Viaduct Project - Construction Mitigation
SR 99/Alaskan Way Viaduct - Replacement
SR 99/Spokane St Br to Alaskan Way Viaduct - Concrete Pavm't Rehab
SR 99/SR 525 Interchange Vic to Lincoln Way Vic - Paving
SR 99/George Washington Bridge - Painting
US 101/Middle Nemah River Br - Replace Bridge
US 101/ Astoria-Megler Bridge- North End Painter
Astoria-Megler Bridge - South End Painter
US 101/Bone River Bridge - Replace Bridge
US 101/Dawley Rd Vic to Blyn Highway - Add Climbing Lane
US 101/Gardiner Vicinity - Add Climbing Lane
US 101/Shore Rd to Kitchen Rd - Widening
US 101/Hoh River (Site #2) - Stabilize Slopes
US 101/S of Mansfield Rd to W of Shore Rd - Paving
US 101/Lynch Road - Safety Improvements
SR 104/Hood Canal Bridge - Replace E Half
SR 104/Hood Canal Bridge - Noise Study
SR 105/Norris Slough - Culvert Replacement
SR 105/Smith Creek Br - Replace Bridge
SR 105/North River Br - Replace Bridge
SR 107/Chehalis River Bridge - Seismic Retrofit
SR 109/Moclips River Bridge - Replace Bridge
SR 112/Deep Creek to West Twin River - Unstable Slope Corridor Study
SR 124/South Lake Road to Charbonneau Park Vicinity - Chip Seal
SR 129/2nd Street to Highland Ave - Paving
SR 129/Oregon State Line to 1.2 Miles S of Cemetery Rd - Chip Seal
SR 142/Glenwood Road Vicinity - Replace Failing Box Culvert
SR 153/Methow River Bridge - Deck Rehabilitation
SR 161/Clear Lake N Rd to Tanwax Creek - Spot Safety Improvements
SR 161/36th to Vicinity 24th St E - Widen to 5 lanes
SR 161/Jovita Blvd to S 360th St, Stage 2 - Widen to Five Lanes
SR 161/24th St E to Jovita - Add Lanes
SR 162/Orting Area - Construct Pedestrian Tunnel
SR 162/Puyallup River Bridge - Replace Bridge
SR 167/I-405 I/C Vic to SW 7th St Vic - Paving
SR 167/S 180th St to I-405 - SB Widening
SR 167 HOT Lanes Pilot Project - Managed Lanes
SR 167/Express Toll Lanes Continuous Access
SR 167/Puyallup River Bridge - Bridge Replacement
SR 167/SR 509 to I-5 Stage One - New Freeway
SR 167/Tolling Feasibility Study
SR 167/Tacoma to Puyallup - New Freeway
SR 167/8th St E Vic to S 277th St Vic - Southbound Managed Lane
SR 181/S 180th St to Southcenter Blvd - Paving
I-182/Road 100 Interchange Vicinity - Improvements
SR 194/Almota to Goose Creek Rd - Paving
SR 194/Almota to Jct US 195 - Chip Seal
US 195/Hatch Rd to Cheney-Spokane Rd - Congestion and Safety Mngmnt - ITS
US 195/Cheney-Spokane Rd to Lindeke St - New City Arterial
US 195/Colfax to Dry Creek - Paving
US 195/Spring Flat Creek - Bridge Replacement
SR 203/Corridor Safety Improvements - Snohomish County
I-205 Traveler Information, Padden Pkwy to 134th
I-205/Mill Plain Interchange to NE 18th St - Build Interchange - Stage 2
SR 240/I-182 to Richland Y - Add Lanes
SR 240/Richland Y to Columbia Center I/C - Add Lanes
SR 240/Beloit Rd to Kingsgate Way - Widen Roadway
SR 285/George Sellar Bridge - Additional EB Lane
SR 285/W End of George Sellar Bridge - Intersection Improvements
SR 290/Hamilton St to Mission Ave - Paving
SR 290/Spokane River E Trent Br - Replace Bridge
SR 290/Sullivan Rd to Idaho State Line - Paving
SR 302/Key Peninsula Highway to Purdy Vic - Safety and Congestion
SR 302/Elgin Clifton Rd to SR 16 - Corridor Study
SR 303/Manette Bridge Bremerton Vicinity - Replace Bridge
SR 303/S of WM E Sutton Rd to Silverdale Way - Paving
Eagle Harbor Maint Facility Preservation
US 395/NSC-Francis Ave to Farwell Rd - New Alignment
US 395/NSC-US 2 to Wandermere and US 2 Lowering - New Alignment
US 395/North Spokane Corridor
US 395/Foster Wells Road Vic to E Elm Road - Paving
I-405/Tukwila to Lynnwood - Analysis
I-405/Kirkland Vicinity Stage 2 - Widening (Nickel/TPA)
I-405/SR 520 to SR 522 - Widening
I-405/SR 181 to SR 167 - Widening
I-405/I-5 to SR 181 - Widening
I-405/SR 167 Interchange - Direct Connector
I-405/South Renton Vicinity Stage 2 - Widening (Nickel/TPA)
I-405/SB Coal Creek Interchange - ITS Improvements
I-405/NE 44th St to 112th Ave SE - Widening
I-405/112th Ave SE to I-90 - NB Widening
I-405/I-90 to SE 8th St - Widening
I-405/NE 8th St to SR 520 Braided Ramps - Interchange Improvements
I-405/NE 10th St - Bridge Crossing
SR 410/Nile Valley Landslide - Establish Interim Detour
SR 410/Nile Valley Landslide - Reconstruct Route
SR 410/214th Ave E to 234th - Add Lanes
SR 500/St Johns Blvd - Build Interchange
SR 502/I-5 to Battle Ground - Add Lanes
SR 503 Traveler Information - Incident Management and Communications
SR 503 ATIS Infill-I/S Bypass; 4th Plain to Main St. and Signal Study
SR 507/Vicinity East Gate Rd to 208th St E - Safety
SR 509/SB S 160th St Vic to S 112th St Vic - Paving
SR 509/S Normandy Rd Vic to S Normandy Rd Wye Connection - Paving
SR 509/I-5 to Sea-Tac Freight and Congestion Relief
SR 509/SR 518 Interchange - Signalization and Channelization
SR 510/Yelm Loop - New Alignment
SR 512/SR 7 to I-5 - Congestion Management
SR 515/SR 516 to SE 232nd St Vic - Paving
SR 516/Wax Rd to 185th Ave SE - Improvements
SR 518/SeaTac Airport to I-5 - Eastbound Widening
SR 519/ I-90 to SR 99 Intermodal Access Project - I/C Improvements
SR 520/W Lake Sammamish Parkway to SR 202, Stage 3 - Widening
SR 522/Hall Rd Vicinity to Kaysner Way - Paving
SR 522/University of Washington Bothell - Build Interchange
SR 522/Snohomish River Bridge to US 2 - Add Lanes
SR 522/I-5 to I-405 - Multimodal Improvements
SR 525/Bayview Road Vic to Lake Hancock - Paving
SR 526/SR 525 to Boeing Access Rd Vic - Paving
SR 529/Ebey Slough Bridge - Replace Bridge
SR 530/Skaglund Hill Slide
SR 530/Sauk River Bank Erosion - Realign Roadway
SR 531/43rd Ave NE to 67th Ave. NE - Widening
SR 532/General Mark W. Clark Memorial Bridge - Replace Bridge
SR 539/I-5 to Horton Road - Access Management
SR 539/I-5 to Kellogg Road - Paving
SR 539/Horton Road to Tenmile Road - Widen to Five Lanes
SR 539/Tenmile Road to SR 546 - Widening
SR 539/Lynden-Aldergrove Port of Entry Improvements
SR 542/Everson Goshen Rd Vic to SR 9 Vic - Intersections Improvements
SR 542/Nooksack River - Redirect River and Realign Roadway
SR 704/Cross Base Highway - New Alignment
SR 823/Selah Vicinity - Re-route Highway
SR 900/SE 78th St Vic to I-90 Vic - Widening and HOV
SR 904/Mullenix Rd to Betz Rd - Paving
SR 906/Travelers Rest - Building Renovation
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