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Release Schedule
  TEIS periodically (usually monthly) issues new releases of its applications. These occur on the second Wednesday of each month except during legislative sessions. New releases consist of user enhancements and fixes, and may contain upgrades to Visual Basic, Crystal Reports, and/or SQL Server software. They are easily obtained by just logging on to TEIS. The built-in upgrade process will notify you when an upgrade is available, and will download the appropriate files needed (if you choose to upgrade).

Why is it necessary?
Advances in programming software platforms and user requested enhancements make the upgrades desirable.

What are the benefits?
User requested (see Change Management System) changes provide for increased functionality, and advances in programming software platforms provide TEIS systems with better reliability, quicker response, and allow for a better user interface.

What is the impact?
Hopefully none. These new releases have been thoroughly tested, but bugs can and do occur. Every effort will be made to minimize these.

What is the current schedule for this change?
Deployment occurs when you log onto TEIS and the system detects that there is a new version available for you to use. Some upgrades are “mandatory (must upgrade), while others are “optional” (can upgrade later). These upgrades are painless and are accomplished automatically by the normal TEIS Upgrade Application process.

What about Training?
See the on-line training documents available on this site (TEIS System User Training). For other training that may be necessary, please contact your agency training coordinator for information and scheduling of training.

Please contact the person listed under Technical (see the contact list: Contacts), for any questions you may have about TEIS or upgrades.