Link Park and Ride
To build a park and ride lot and transit access road at the east end of Leavenworth off SR2. The park & ride lot will accommodate 90 cars, an electric car charger, a fast charger & slow charger for battery electric buses, bus storage, a driver break-room and restrooms. The access road will veer off US2 to access the P&R lot in this new development, which is located behind Safeway on US2.
 PIN#:  20170021
 DOT Region:  Headquarters
 Counties:  Chelan
 State Route:  000
 Leg Districts:  12
 Program / SubProgram:  
 Improvement Type:  
 Mile Posts: 0 to 0    
  Project Costs:
Phase From - To Prior 17-19 19-21 21-23 23-25 25-2727-29 Future Total
  Project Totals:  0 0 0 0 0 00 0 0