Reserve funding for Traffic Operations Capital Projects
The Reserve PIN includes federal, local, and state appropriation authority that is available to fund capital projects when they meet certain criteria. In order to receive funding, the project must (a) be in the Statewide Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Plan, and (b) have a relative high benefit to cost ratio. Other considerations for project selection include: (a) projects leveraging federal and/or local grants are given a higher priority, (b) the readiness of a project ("shovel ready"), (c) the logical sequencing of ITS projects with a high B/C ratio, and (d) project cost in relation to available funding.
 PIN#:  000005Q
 DOT Region:  Headquarters
 State Route:  000
 Location:  Statewide   Locate Project
 Leg Districts:  
 Program / SubProgram:  
 Improvement Type:  ITS System Planning
 Mile Posts: 0 to 0    
  Project Costs:
Phase From - To Prior 17-19 19-21 21-23 23-25 25-2727-29 Future Total
Preliminary Engineering Jul-07 - Jun-09 46,0003,777,0006,321,00010,300,00010,300,00010,300,0000041,044,000
  Project Totals:  46,000 3,777,000 6,321,000 10,300,000 10,300,000 10,300,0000 0 41,044,000